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Achieving Hormonal Balance

A must know about achieving hormonal balance – A personalized approach to medicine Balance and communication The foundation of hormonal balance begins by achieving balance

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Doctor Says

What you eat matters

“You are what you eat”- we have all heard that saying, but how true is it? Here at Natural Family Health Clinic (NFHC) we believe

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Post-Surgical Recovery

We use a comprehensive approach to aid resolution of symptoms and complete restoration of function following any surgical procedure. This includes diet, movement, hydration, IV

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Functional Endocrinology

Functional endocrinology is a modern and holistic approach to addressing hormonal imbalances using state of the art laboratory testing to evaluate the delicate balance between

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Family Planning

We provide information and access to high quality contraceptive and fertility care to help women and couples plan for their families.

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Wednesday Wellness Classes

There are many short- and long-term benefits to living a healthy lifestyle, including extending one’s life while also dramatically improving its quality. An individual who

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