Wednesday Wellness Classes

There are many short- and long-term benefits to living a healthy lifestyle, including extending one’s life while also dramatically improving its quality. An individual who feels better physically and who has control over their own life is often in very good mental health as well, which can further improve their enjoyment of life. That said, of the many different things an individual can do to improve their overall health and wellness, few are actually generally known about. It is not unusual for an individual to recognize that their health and wellness could be improved upon, and yet wonder how to improve it. Perhaps they even try to search for answers in books and on the internet, only to be overwhelmed by a veritable deluge of information–some fact, some opinion, some helpful, and some very dangerous. What is truly needed is a knowledgeable, trustworthy source who can help the individual understand the basics of good health and what they can do in order to improve their own health. This is where wellness classes come in handy.

About Wednesday Wellness Classes

The main purpose for Wednesday Wellness classes is to introduce individuals to some of the very basic practices and guidelines that can lead to healthy living, as well as things that can be done to enhance one’s healthy lifestyle. This may include classes on nutrition and meal preparation, dietary guidelines, balanced diets, food preparation and safety, shopping, storage, cooking, exercise and physical fitness, maintaining a healthy weight, and much more. Some of the more recent Wednesday Wellness Classes delivered at the Natural Family Health Clinic have included:

  • Essential Oils 101.
  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization.
  • Healthy Spaces.
  • Introduction to Essential Oils and Self-Care.
  • Begin with Meditation.
  • Experiencing Hormone Imbalance?
  • Overcoming Pain and Injury with Alignment Therapy.
  • Supercharged Nutrition for Peak Athletic Performance.
  • Get the Most out of your Essential Oil Practice.
  • Get the Skinny on Skin Health.
  • Healthy Weight Loss and Body Composition.
  • Emotional Health using Essential Oils.
  • How to Manage Musculoskeletal Complaints Naturally.
  • Nutrition for the 21st Century.
  • Clean, Pure Drinking Water.
  • Nature’s Oils for Your Home.

If you are interested in leading a healthy lifestyle but need more information about how to properly do so, Wednesday Wellness Classes are perfect for you!