Should I get a flu shot?

This is a question I am often asked by my patients as the flu vaccine is widely recommended by public health groups and conventional healthcare providers as well as being advertised for by local pharmacies. And the answer really comes down to being informed as a patient and consumer and being clear on your objectives and values.

Who stands to benefit from the flu vaccine?

Individuals who are most vulnerable tend to be at the highest risk of the worst side effects associated with getting the flu and as a result stand to benefit most from the annual flu vaccine. This group includes the very old, very young, and anyone who is immune compromised in some way. The challenge is that many of these same individuals are also more likely to experience negative side effects from the flu vaccine.

What are the alternatives to the flu vaccine?

At NFHC we have observed that those who understand their health best and are proactive in their approach to their health get sick less often, experience less disease and dysfunction, and when they are feeling less than 100% they know what to do about it. The same holds true for the flu. This starts with your daily habits. One of the most profound ways to stay well all winter long is to avoid doing the things that inhibit proper immune function. At the top of this list is consuming less processed sugar. Consuming sugar can suppress the immune system for hours, and most of us are consuming sugar multiple times a day. If you made this one switch you would likely find that the frequency that you become ill drops dramatically. Another habit that will keep you from getting ill as often is making sure you get enough sleep.

Specific therapies that enhance immune function that we have had success with at the clinic include high dose vitamin D injections, probiotics, hydrochloric acid intravenous infusions, and daily use of clove, rosemary, and frankincense CPTG essential oil.

Vitamin D

Most of us in the Pacific Northwest are deficient in vitamin D. Yet, vitamin D is key to robust and balanced immune function. One of our most popular and effective therapies to improve immune function is oral and injectable vitamin D.

If you are interested in learning more about your health and how to take a more complete approach to creating health and wellness on a regular basis, including alternatives to the flu vaccine, give us a call for a free consult, request an appointment online, or stop in to one of our free monthly Wednesday Wellness Series classes at the clinic.