Frankincense essential oil

Frankincense essential oil is a tremendous health and wellness tool that I personally use every single day. It has such a long list of uses (which I won’t attempt to completely outline here) that most of us would benefit by keeping some on hand in almost every situation we might find ourselves in. One of the reasons why is that frankincense is good for your brain. Whether you have experienced some kind of head trauma, are studying for finals, or rely on sharp cognitive function to produce at a high level each day frankincense could help you.

Using frankincense is very simple. Take a drop on your tongue, put a few drops in your diffuser, or mix a couple drops with a carrier oil and massage onto the back of your neck or bottom of your feet.

In the clinic we have the opportunity to work with a variety of situations that call for improved immune function. Because frankincense contains compounds that are anti-inflammatory it is useful in many of these situations. And the reality is, nearly all of us are either experiencing some type of inflammation now, have, or will very soon. This means adopting a practice of using frankincense regularly makes a lot of sense. And in my personal and clinical experience doing so yields direct and indirect benefits improving health, reducing illness, and sharpening the mind.