I want to take a minute to introduce a substance that is relatively new to the market that I believe will be a part of a revolution of the world of carbohydrates as we know them.

Superstarch was originally formulated out of necessity in order to compensate for a rare congenital disordered that prevents afflicted children from properly breaking down and utilizing carbohydrates.  This simple metabolic error means these children need to be tube fed every 2 hours just to survive.

A particularly loving family of one child born with this disorder took up the charge to find a solution.  The net result of their quest was superstarch.

Superstarch is derived from non-GMO corn that is prepared in such a way that elongates and entangles the carbohydrate structure; making it a slow even burning fuel for the body.  In terms of metabolism this has multiple implications.

Because superstarch is a ultra-complex carbohydrate it provides very even blood sugar levels for up to four hours per serving.  When you can keep your blood sugar in the optimal range of 80-120 for this long of a period you can effectively drive down blood insulin levels.  Lower blood insulin levels lead to higher levels of fatty acids released from fat stores in the body.  Over time this shifts your body’s preference for fuel from carbohydrates to fat.  The last sentence is worth reading a few times until it sinks in.

This means you can retrain your body to crave fat and not sugar.  To burn more fat and less carbohydrate.  And because each gram of fat provides more than twice the calories (energy) as carbohydrate or protein it means you are becoming even more efficient metabolically.

I prescribe superstarch for all my patients who are following a low carbohydrate diet and are trying to create a more efficient metabolic system.  This is applicable in frank blood sugar disorders such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome as well as athletic training and healthy weight loss.

Timing of use and dosages vary according to individual demands but if used properly and consistently in conjunction with a low carbohydrate diet and physical activity superstarch can be a powerful nutritional supplement to help you achieve your health goals!