For years natural health practitioners have understood the connection between underlying inflammatory conditions and the development and presence of chronic disease. Most of us have benefited from the temporary use of anti-inflammatory medication(s) such as Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Further you have likely heard about anti-inflammatory foods such as fish oil, flax seed or ginger.

NF-KB and Inflammation
NF-KB is the latest evolution in our growing understanding of inflammatory processes and their relationship to chronic disease. Though all inflammation ultimately creates the same outcome in the body the NF-KB inflammatory pathway has two distinct features. 1) It can be induced by a number of different mechanisms including insulin surges, trans fat or modified fat, high blood pressure, fat cells adn the cytokines they secrete, … 2) It is self-perpetuating. This has a couple of profound implications. First, the typical modern lifestyle creates many opportunities for the induction of this inflammatory mechanism. Second, once induced without direct intervention is likely to continue in perpetuity. Fortunately the literature has also showed us two of the most powerful anti0inflammatory compounds available that directly and synergistically dampen NF-KB expression.

Curcuminoids are the ac


Synergistic effect
Though each of these compounds has been found to have powerful anti-inflammatory effects when studied in combination the effect is amplified greatly. This means we can multiply our clinical effectiveness by applying both of these compounds together.